7 Good Reasons To Choose Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

7 Good Reasons To Choose Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

Jan 12

The need for energy efficient fluorescent lighting in commercial spaces like warehouses, factory floors and offices is ever present but recently this has become an urgent need as energy prices have been skyrocketing and businesses are reeling under the double whammy of higher input costs and lower sales. Also, as responsible corporate citizens it is the duty of every business to decrease its impact on the environment by lowering its carbon footprint.

Reduced Energy Bills

By employing energy efficient lighting it is possible to reduce energy bills by a significant percentage. The cost of energy has been steadily going up and any reduced energy usage will directly reflect in amount paid for electricity consumption. As most energy companies charge higher rates for higher consumption brackets even a moderate reduction in energy usage can generate huge savings in terms of money.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

An added benefit of reducing energy consumption is that it significantly lowers the carbon footprint of the business. The company can take advantage of any carbon credits granted by state or federal governments by adopting energy saving lighting options. By doing this the business can show to potential clients that it is a responsible member of the society caring about environment and the world in general.

Increased Usable Lighting And Profits

The energy efficient fluorescent lighting from Hibrite Lighting actually increases the amount of usable light by nearly 100 percent. This also improves the productivity of the workforce as the improved lighting helps people to work with less eye-strain. With brighter and better lighted work spaces the safety factor also improves. Well-lit show rooms and retail spaces are magnet to passers-by. This attracts customers and eyeballs. More customers walking in translates to increased sales and more profits.

Increased Efficiency At Lower Costs

Technology in lighting as improved by leaps and bounds. Modern lighting actually costs much less than older systems and it gives out more light too. Not only that the energy usage of modern energy efficient fluorescent lighting is much lower than old lighting technology that the business may currently employ. Some of the new bulbs actually consume less electricity than half of what the old bulbs consume while giving out brighter light. Replacing older lighting with latest fluorescent systems costs much less and increased savings also make the changeover worthwhile.

Maintenance Free

Modern lighting systems especially energy efficient fluorescent lighting is virtually maintenance free. It provides same quality of light till the end of its life-span. Older lighting systems on the other hand provide bright light only in the first months of their life and gradually reduce in brightness over time.

Different Lighting For Different Needs

Not all businesses, warehouses, show rooms and retail spaces require same type of lighting. The needs differ and so does the type of illumination. Only experts who have been in this business for several years and have served world-class clients understand the client needs.

Changed Work Spaces Need An Updated Lighting

Over the years the office layout and the work space configuration changes while the lighting remains the same. It is time to update the workspace lights with the latest energy efficient fluorescent lighting systems. This will drastically improve the brightness and make for a more cheerful workspace.