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When Selecting Replacement Lighting, Go with Energy Efficient HiBrite Lights

Workplace safety is very important. Especially in warehouses, where lighting is usually dim. Purchasing the most energy efficient lighting, and lighting that provides the most white light brilliance, will increase safety, and will make working conditions much better for employees when they are on the clock. As a business owner, when you are purchasing replacement […]

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Energy Efficient Lighting – Save on your Business Expenses

As a business owner, energy efficient lighting is extremely important to the bottom line, spending, and electrical costs, for the daily operational business costs. It is always in a company’s best interest to choose energy efficient products if possible, and with HiBrite Lighting, this is exactly what a business owner will receive, with any of […]

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The Efficiency of T8 Lighting

In a global market becoming increasingly focused on maximum energy efficiency, buisnesses have had to adjust power outputs and power usage levels in their products. From generators at a commercial level to solar panels for the consumer. Here at HiBrite we have not only met that challenge, but have adapted our lighting technology in a […]

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