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Enercon International was founded by partners, Paul Saxton and Scott Keogh. Mr. Saxton and Mr. Keogh had been partners the previous 5 years in a leasing and finance company, Genesis Financial Group, which they started from scratch in 1995 and built to an over $100,000,000.00 portfolio. In early 2000 they sold their controlling interest and began Enercon International, Inc.


The partners wanted a business that would be highly marketable and create a win-win-win scenario. They wanted to make a good living while simultaneously greatly benefiting their clients with technologies that preserved our planets precious resources. They quickly realized the potential and how wide open and unsaturated the market was even in a relatively low population State like South Dakota. They knew this was a business that could be expanded and that many Affiliates/Representatives could have the same type of opportunity they did.

Before they offered the occasion for others to integrate into their business, Mr. Saxton wanted to personally engineer, prototype, produce and market test every product and sales method so he could deliver to Affiliates and Representatives a proven method for success.

“Many companies give lip service to quality, service and performance. At HiBrite we prove our commitment to excellence EVERY day and our clients and Representatives will attest to it!” says Paul Saxton, Chairman and CEO of Enercon, Inc.

As of February 2001, he has personally sold and installed numerous Projects and Enercon/HiBrite can proudly state that we have literally THOUSANDS of pieces of equipment installed around the World with successful installations in facilities as diverse as automobile representativeships to grocery chains to large manufacturing and warehousing facilities. He will look you straight in the eye and from his experience tell you, “you can have a great deal of financial success in this business, I’ve done it, I’ve proved it, and I’ll help you to duplicate it in your area. All you have to do is follow the system and make the calls.” With some individual treatments showing savings over 75% and typical full facility treatments generally demonstrating savings between 20% – 50%, Enercon Affiliates offer a positive solution to the growing energy crisis that has millions of potential applications.

Once the complete line of products was in place and with over two years of successful, personal Project installations, Enercon International began offering Representativeships on a very limited basis. After proving that the technology and marketing system were repeatable and could be taught and transferred to others, Enercon began expanding its’ Representative program more aggressively in February 2003, but still on a highly selective basis.

Affiliates today have one of the best opportunities available: a wide open field, with proven profitability and a step-by-step plan of action for success. The corporation’s objective during the next five years is to have successful Affiliates in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, most countries of Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Japan. Within 10 years the name Enercon International should be widely recognized and synonymous with sensible, energy saving technology around the globe.

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