Paul Saxton,has personally sold and installed numerous projects - in fact, we have literally THOUSANDS of pieces of equipment installed around the world in facilities that range from automobile dealerships to grocery chains to large manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Here's what Paul says to every new representative:
Do you want to know what makes the Hibrite Energy Efficient Lighting so easy to sell ?

It's the fact that it saves the customers a lot of money and provides them with a lot more light.

Some individual treatments have shown savings over 75%, and typical full facility treatments show savings between 20%-50%, making it a positive solution to the growing energy crisis. In other words, you'll have no trouble finding potential applications and customers for this.

As you can see, your customers will love it and if you follow our sales blueprint, you'll have a ton of repeat and new business sooner than you think, making you more than enough money to be proud of your new job with HiBrite!

The corporation's objective during the next five years is to have successful Representatives in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, most countries of Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Japan.

Within 10 years the name Enercon International should be widely recognized and synonymous with sensible, energy saving technology around the globe.

What does that mean for you?
You will help shape the future of this company. You will shape your career and as they say... the sky's the limit if you join us now.

Here's how you become a sales representative:
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