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Starting a Business that Saves other Businesses Money

Making a living in the current economy is not an easy task. Many people are cutting back on luxury and extra expenditures. This means if you’re going to run a business you need to offer something that everyone needs. You have two options when your start a business. You can sell to retail consumers or […]

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Starting Your Own Business in a Bad Economy

Over the last few years many employees have discovered that being a hard worker doesn’t necessarily equate to job security. Corporate layoffs and continual downsizing has caused many Americans to rethink their career path. If you’re tired of depending on someone else for a paycheck then you’ve probably considered starting your own business. But what […]

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Make a Living Selling Energy Efficient Lighting

Selling in the business to business market can be hard these days. In many industries there is a lot of competition and money is tight in the current economy. Some businesses are cutting back their spending or even closing their doors.   So how do you make a living selling products to other companies? Are […]

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