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Advantages of Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent being one of the lighting devices that are used in lighting in industries, there are far much different from the other kinds of lighting gadgets because of the structure that they have. There are those that have many designs but not unique like the fluorescent because it looks like a tube that is white […]

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A T-5 Lighting Primer

Apr 04

“T-5” refers to a fluorescent lamp, tube or bulb with a diameter of 5/8 inches (its metric equivalent is T-16, 15.875 mm) that is typically manufactured for very small fixtures. First introduced around 1950, it originally was available in 4 – 13 wattages. More recently high efficiency (HE) ranges of 14 – 35 watts and […]

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Light Up Your Warehouse With T5 Lighting

Use of hot halogen or mercury lamps in industrial sheds and warehouses are now part of history. Today in the age of accuracy, people need a cool atmosphere to work for long hours and definitely the use of T5 Lighting has opened up a completely different work environment with lights that soothe the eye and […]

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