Commercial Lighting – Save with fluorescent lighting

Commercial Lighting – Save with fluorescent lighting

Apr 26

As a business owner, choosing the right commercial lighting is very important. Not only so you will have sufficient lighting and brightness in your stores and warehouses, but also to ensure you are paying the lowest operational cost on a monthly basis, for the lighting. When choosing commercial lighting, HiBrite Lighting has the best in quality, the brightest lighting, and the most energy efficient options for business owners to consider, when they are trying to save, yet want the brightest lights for their showroom, for a warehouse, or for any other commercial space.


Benefits of HiBrite –

When you choose commercial lighting from HiBrite, customers will enjoy several benefits which include:

– An increase of at least 100% usable lifetime, for each of the bulbs that are being replaced in the commercial setting.

– No restrike time, meaning the lights are not going to flicker for several minutes before kicking in.

– In comparison to 40+ % lost with traditional lights, with the commercial lighting from HiBrite, only a 7% annual loss occurs with the high quality lights.

– Between 36,000 up to 38,000 useful life can be expected from each of the lights purchased.

– Increased safety with brighter lights in darker work conditions and commercial settings;


– No maintenance is required with these high quality lights.

Business owners can expect nothing short of excellence, when they choose commercial lighting fixtures, for any commercial setting, from HiBrite lighting.

Energy efficient –

HiBrite is also the leader in the high bay lighting market, producing the most energy efficient bulbs on the market. This means they are not only going to last longer in the commercial setting, they are also going to use far less energy than the traditional forms of lighting that are used in commercial settings. Not only does this mean a lower monthly bill on electricity, it is also going to result in lower overall operational costs for the business, since less power is going to provide the same benefits that traditional lighting would offer.

Extensive product listing –

HiBrite has an extensive listing of product options that are available for business owners, when they are choosing the fixtures for commercial lighting they will use. Whether it is a store that needs the brightest lights, a stock room that needs bright lights, warehouses, or other shipping docks, there are several styles and products available, when purchasing the commercial lighting for any commercial setting that the business owner needs new lights for. With more than one option, business owners will be able to save, depending on the type of lighting they choose, the fixture they choose, and eventually the setting they choose for the commercial facility.

All business owners want to save, yet have the best quality and safest business settings. With commercial lighting purchased from HiBrite, this is a possibility. With the brightest fixtures, the best quality product options, and the highest luminosity, and energy efficient products available, business owners will find the safe, bright lights, and will be able to save on high energy costs, because of the energy efficiency of these bulbs.