Eco Lighting

Factors to consider when opting for eco lighting solutions

A business can have many reasons that compel it to consider using eco lighting solutions like high bay fluorescent lighting. The business world today shows a great concern for environmental sustainability. A business whose operations are environmental friendly is more likely to find favor in the market place and succeed than those that do not. With the advent of global warming and pollution concerns, everyone wants business to show more responsibility in their affairs with the natural environment. The use of eco lighting solutions has become the most sought after way of complying with various environmental and energy regulations. Here are the things to look out for when making the switch to eco solutions.

Environment sustainability

When it comes to eco lighting solutions, slight variations exist between different brands. When choosing your fluorescent lights it is important to look at how much mercury was used. Another thing that you should consider having as a criterion for eco friendliness would be the total light hour provided by the fluorescents. If it is long then it is good because it will limit the number of replacements you make and that results to less waste.

Light output per kilowatt use

Lighting your warehouse relies heavily on electrical energy. You can have various sources of electricity such as solar, wind and other renewable sources. It may be that you tap directly to grid power as most companies do, and in this case, you really need to check your consumption to avoid paying exorbitant bills. When selecting an eco-lighting option, look beyond its label and compare the actual light produced for every kilowatt of energy consumed.


It is much safer to go for industrial products that are accredited by various qualified accreditation authorities both locally and internationally. This assures you that you are getting a product that has undergone thorough tests to make it worthy of its price. Products that lack accreditation are often poorly built. They break their service level promise. Sometimes the fake products are cheap but you should not let this jeopardize your choice for a reliable ecofriendly lighting solution for your business.

Feedback and testimonials

One way to validate the claims of any company making eco lighting solutions for high bay applications is by looking at the feedback it gets from customers. A company can claim it is the best in the market. It can post its accreditation documentation on its premises and website for clients to see. It can even come up with appealing installation and replacement contract offers for the products that it offers. None of this things matter as much as how the company treats its customers and flaws on its products. Excellent companies never take any flaw for granted. They are ready to make replacements, and go out of their way to test and ensure that customers have what they asked for.
A reason to go for eco lighting solutions is always to make cost savings and that is why it is more important to only deal with a reputable company. Just ensure that your business looks into the factors highlighted above as you switch to eco lighting solutions and you should be able to make the energy and cost savings without any complications.