Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting plays a great role in improving your savings and preserving the planet Earth. Studies say that the total budget consumed for burning electric lighting accounts about quarter of the average home budget. What has revolutionized the concept of energy efficient lighting? Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) can definitely answer the above question. At present, there are many CFLs available in different shapes and sizes. How to choose the best CFL from store? This question plays a prominent role in getting energy efficient result. Selecting CFL bulb with high K value is found to be effective in getting bright light. For example, a CFL bulb with 5000 K value gives out cool whitish blue light.

As said earlier, CFLs are available in different shapes and sizes from online stores. Spiral lamp is one of the common CFLs available in online stores. As the name suggests, this particular lamp is spirally shaped to generate the light casting qualities of an ordinary incandescent bulb. Flood lamp is another common CFL available in market. It is one of the best used CFLs for track lighting fixtures. When compared to incandescent lamp, flood lamps provide soft, white and less heat than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

There are several advantages of using CFL lighting in home and offices. High energy efficiency is one of the main advantages of using CFL lamp. When compared to incandescent lamp, a CFL lamp own four times more efficiency. Also, this particular lamp can possess ten times longer life than incandescent lamps. Less expensive is another main advantage of using CFL lamps instead of incandescent lamps. Even though CFL lamps are initially expensive, it uses 1/3 electricity and can last up to ten times more years than incandescent. Pollution is a main risk factor discussed in today’s world. Using CFL instead of incandescent lamp can reduce the amount of CO2 in atmosphere. Apart from reducing CO2 emissions, it can also cut down the level of sulfur oxide and nuclear waste on planet.

Superb quality light is a notable feature of newer CFLs. Good CFLs can provide excellent warm light instead of cool white light. To get bright color and warmth, new CFLs generally make use of rare earth phosphors. At present, there are a wide range of CFLs available in market stores that can be used in ceiling fixtures, table lamps and porchlights. Similar to CFL, LED is another energy efficient lighting that can be used in both offices and homes. Following are some of the notable advantages of preferring LED lamps instead of CFLs.

Long lasting life is a notable benefit of LED bulbs. This particular lighting is a perfect choice for all people who wish to save energy. Lack of filament is another highlighting feature of LED bulbs. This feature assures high durability when compared to incandescent lamps. Also, LED bulb is an apt choice for all people in search of the energy efficient lighting free from mercury. Today, these newer bulbs have already marked their brighter future in technology world.