Energy Efficient Lighting for commercial settings

Energy Efficient Lighting for commercial settings

May 10

As a business owner, savings, in any and every possible place you can find them, are important to ensure you optimize gains and profits. With Energy Efficient Lighting, not only are you going to save on the overall cost of lighting, you are going to save on the possibility of having to deal with workplace injuries, or possibly a customer being injured, due to the fact that there was insufficient lighting in a certain space. Today, the Energy Efficient Lighting that is available is much brighter, and it is going to greatly reduce the overall operational costs associated with running a store, a warehouse, or any other facility, that is a part of your business or organization.


Why choose HiBrite Lighting? –

When purchasing the Energy Efficient Lighting for your business, HiBrite Lighting has excellent product lines, and is in fact the leader in high bay lighting fixtures for business and commercial settings. First off, the efficient lighting is going to help reduce overall operational costs. Since less power is required to run the lights, this means it is going to reduce the overall cost of lighting, electrical, and overall expenses for the business.


With HiBrite Lighting fixtures, over the course of one year, only a 7% loss of white light is lost. This means the color and brightness of the Energy Efficient Lighting fixtures will only lessen by 7% each year; this is in comparison to the 40% that is noticed with other lighting fixtures that business owners choose. So, this means not only will less light loss occur, but the work conditions are safer, since the work conditions are brighter, for longer periods of time.


With HiBrite Lighting, more savings are going to be found when purchasing Energy Efficient Lighting fixtures, due to the fact that these fixtures last thousands of hours. In fact, the lighting fixtures will last anywhere from 36,000 hours, and can last up to 38,000 hours, depending on where they are installed, and of course on the type of use. This longer lifetime means you have to replace lighting far less often, so you spend much less; even though you pay a little more up front for the high quality Energy Efficient Lighting fixtures, in the end, they are greatly going to reduce the costs, since they last for so much longer than the lifespan of a traditional lighting fixture.


The lights you buy from HiBrite Lighting are industry specific, meaning they are developed for use in commercial and business settings. Therefore, as a business owner, you know the lights are going to be brighter, and provide clear visibility, meaning your workers are safe, and if used in a store, that the customers who shop in your stores are also going to be safe. If you want to save, not only on electric costs, and reduce the carbon footprint your company leaves behind, but also provide a safer and more efficient workplace for all employees, choosing Energy Efficient Lighting from HiBrite Lighting is something all business owners should consider doing for their commercial businesses.