Energy Efficient Lighting – Save on your Business Expenses

Energy Efficient Lighting – Save on your Business Expenses

Nov 22

As a business owner, energy efficient lighting is extremely important to the bottom line, spending, and electrical costs, for the daily operational business costs. It is always in a company’s best interest to choose energy efficient products if possible, and with HiBrite Lighting, this is exactly what a business owner will receive, with any of the lighting fixtures offered for sale. Whether it is a warehouse where you need to install lighting for safer operations, or any industrial business setting, where your company is constantly producing work on a daily basis, the right energy efficient lighting and bulbs will help save on the overall business expenses and electric costs for your company.


With 7% more lumens than a standard T8 lamp used in business settings, your warehouses will be much brighter, and the bright white light appearance will make working conditions much better for employees. Since they will also be able to see things easily, the use of equipment, and large machinery is much safer to work with, as there is far less risk of complication, or of any issues in running and operating the machinery in the warehouse setting. With the HiBrite lights, the lighting is going to kick in right away, in comparison to traditional HID lights, where you are waiting from 5 to 7 minutes for them to come on. By the lights coming on right away, workers can start their job immediately, and they can complete the respective duties in a shorter period of time, under safer conditions.


These energy efficient lighting fixtures are going to give you anywhere between 36,000 to 38,000 hours of use. This means having to replace the lighting less often, saving on the overall cost of lighting for a warehouse setting or any industrial business setting. With an increased usable life span, of at least 100% more life than traditional lighting and bulbs, businesses can expect to at least double the production and lifetime of what they were getting with the previous lighting fixtures that were being used in the workplace.


With only a 7% light loss annually, as opposed to around 40% with traditional lighting, these energy efficient lighting structures are also going to remain brighter and whiter for much longer, meaning they are going to offer the brightest and best working conditions, even after a few years of use and operation in the business setting. You do not have to worry about the lighting fading or conditions becoming darker, due to the fact that they will retain their brightness, for much longer periods of time, in comparison to traditional lighting sources used in these business settings.


As a business owner, energy efficient lighting is not only the pocket friendly way to go, it is also the environmentally friendly way to go. You are not only going to save on the cost of operations, lighting, and electric consumption, but due to the fact that the lights last longer, and require less energy to run, they are also going to be helping out the environment, when putting HiBrite lights to use.