Facts About Fluorescent Bulbs

Facts About Fluorescent Bulbs

Jun 02

Wondering about the various benefits you will reap if you resort to using a fluorescent bulb? If yes, this write up is for you. Scroll down to know more on this.


What is a Fluorescent Bulb?


Fluorescence refers to the emission of light by a substance which either has absorbed light or the other electromagnetic radiation. Fluorescent light bulbs normally are more energy efficient when compared to the traditional types of bulbs. According to the research conducted recently, it was seen that using fluorescent light bulbs can save people energy as well as money and at the same time help them in protecting their environment. Also, the fluorescent light bulbs significantly can last for a very long time period than the other light bulbs.

Functions of the Fluorescent Light Bulbs


According to studies, these types of bulbs normally produce light differently than the other types of bulbs. The other types of bulbs usually produce light via an electric current, which runs via a filament. Basically, as the filament heats, up it will begin glowing and then followed by emitting light.


However, in fluorescent light bulbs, the electric currents are normally sent through the tubs that have got mercury and argon vapor. This then creates an invisible ultraviolet light which excites phosphor in tubes and then emits visible light. The fluorescent light bulb parts include, the phosphor coating, lamp, cover, mercury vapor, argon, coating, base, ballast and ballast housing.


Benefits of Using Fluorescent Bulbs


If other people can stop using the other types of bulbs and resort to using the fluorescent light bulbs, enough energy can be saved hustle free. For instance, in the United States of America, it is believed that if all people can stop using other type of bulbs and start using the fluorescent bulbs, enough energy can be saved easily. This saved energy can be used to light about three million homes every year. This can save the country approximately 700 million US dollars.


Important Considerations About the Fluorescent Light Bulbs


These kinds of light bulbs normally use about 75 percent light energy and last ten times longer than the other types of bulbs. Generally, the average light bulb of this kind contains about 4 mg of mercury. However, there are some contractors who have succeeded in reducing this amount of mercury in the fluorescent light bulb to between 1.4 and 2.5 mgs of mercury.


Precautions About Fluorescent Light Bulbs


These types of bulbs are usually very sensitive to the extreme temperatures. It is thus ideal that in case you resort to using these types of bulbs, make sure that you place them in an enclosed fixtures when outdoor. According to research, fluorescent light bulbs that are old shouldn’t be thrown in trash as they have got some amounts of mercury in them. Thus, in case of old fluorescent light bulbs, you can dispose them in any hazardous waste collection site present in your location.


Last but not the least; make sure that you purchase this type of bulb in order to experience the many benefits it carries along.