Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting for optimal working conditions

As a business owner, you want to make sure the conditions your employees are working in, when in a warehouse setting, are as safe and bright as possible. When you choose Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting for your warehouse, this is going to be the case. Not only is HiBrite Lighting the leader in quality high bay lighting, but they provide the best quality commercial lighting, and fixtures, meaning they are going to provide your employees with safe and bright working conditions, at all times of the work day.


Several lighting fixtures –

Regardless of the setup in your warehouse, or the type of fixtures that are currently installed, as a business owner, if you choose HiBrite Lighting Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting, there are several lighting options to consider. No matter which one you choose, you can be rest assured that the brightest lighting is going to be supplied in your warehouse; additionally, these fixtures are energy efficient, meaning that cutting costs in the warehouse and operations is quite possible once the new lighting fixtures are installed in the warehouse.

Features with HiBrite Lighting fixtures –

The Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting is going to provide:
– Immediate luminosity. When the light switch is flipped, there is no restrike or wait period before the lights come on, as is the case with many other lighting fixtures. This will save time (since employees don’t have to wait several minutes before they can begin to work), and save on electricity, since it requires less energy, to power on the lights.
– At least 100% increase in the usable life of each fixture; this means that each lighting fixture lasts at least twice as long as the traditional lighting fixtures your company has used in the past.
– Only about a 7% light loss annually, in comparison to about 40% bright light loss which is customary in the industry, and with other bulbs.
– A longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, where each of the Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting fixtures will last anywhere from 36,000 up to 38,000 hours, depending on the use.
With little to no maintenance, these lighting fixtures will pay for themselves in no time, and are greatly going to help cut back on the electric costs. This means reduced spending for your business, and is going to result in a more productive workplace, and a brighter warehouse setting for the employees that work in this location.

As a business owner, safety, optimal work output, and savings are three primary concerns to consider, especially in a warehouse setting. When you choose Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting for your business, you can address each of these issues. Not only does HiBrite Lighting produce the most efficient bulbs, they also guarantee high quality lighting, in any conditions. So, your warehouse is going to be much brighter, and will require far less power to operate during the business day. Rather than choose cheap lighting fixtures in an attempt to save, choose the better quality with HiBrite Lighting, and save on more than the cost of the fixtures.