Fluorescent High Bay Commercial Warehouse Lighting

Why you should opt for fluorescent high bay commercial warehouse lighting

Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting works well to deliver the promise of both work and energy efficiency. Fluorescent is a low mercury lighting alternative that has a color rendering of 85+. Below are some of the things that should compel you to switch to these type of lighting for your warehouse as well as any other commercial building.

Who needs high bay lights?

High bay lights work for commercial enterprises that require a lot of light over large areas but do not want to install numerous light bulbs on short distances. The high bay lights are very bright and can illuminate a large area at once. They are most suitable for warehouses whose ceiling or roof is about twenty meters high. Anything above this height will only use high bay lights, as other forms of light would be insufficient in their light distribution. In warehouses where work happens at night and in areas that lack natural light even during the day, bright overhead lights are must-have installations.

Efficiency and durability

Choosing a lighting option for your warehouse must factor in efficiency and durability. You do not want to spend more money by getting light replacements. It is good to go with lighting options that last longer than conventional ones. The fluorescent high bay lights generally outperform led lights on every scale and allow you to spend less on installation charges. You will also go through fewer cycles of replacement when you opt for fluorescent high bay lights.

Outdoor lighting versus indoor lighting

Your warehouse will need both outdoor and indoor lights. You can rely on the activities that happen both, inside and outside to guide you on the best lighting that will work for your organization. If you have a lot of night activity outside your warehouse, then you need very powerful high bay lights that can literally blanket the entire outside space with light. If you have signage that would become blurred under too much light, then consider replacing them with self-illuminating versions. Only fluorescent lighting can provide day like conditions that are easy on the eyes and ideal for work in and outside workshops.

Cost of lighting

Fluorescent lighting has all the advantages over other forms of lighting and it makes an economic sense for installation. On both a major and minor scale implementation, fluorescent will still outperform other lighting solutions on marginal cost basis. It costs relatively less to keep fluorescents lights shining because they generally cut electricity bills by at least sixty percent. In addition, they have a longer lighting lamp life that reduces the number of replacements over time. In terms of costs, the life elongation benefits translate to reduced replacement liabilities.


Installing high bay fluorescent lights is not very complicated. Your local electrical technician will be able to pay up the light units on your warehouse using the day-to-day electrician’s tools and equipment.

In the end, you will not go wrong by opting for Fluorescent High Bay commercial warehouse lighting. The advantages highlighted above already explain why this is the best choice. Do not let this opportunity of saving costs and increasing productivity pass you by sticking to with the poor lighting conditions at your warehouse.