Fluorescent High Bay Lights

The Suitability Of Fluorescent High Bay Lights In Warehouse And Industirial Lighting


It is paramount for every warehouse and industry to have an efficient and effective lighting. This is because the quality of the lighting influences the performance of the operations being conducted in such places by improving visibility consequently enabling the people working there to see everything they require. The quality of the lighting facilities used also matters a lot since a good lighting means that the lighting system does not require to be replaced every now and then and also provides adequate light.
One of the ideal and efficient warehouse and industrial lighting systems is the Fluorescent High Bay Lighting. This type of lighting is usually used in places with high ceiling because they have the capability to light large areas from a distance of about fifteen feet. The lights are designed in a manner that they have the capability of increasing usable light levels by at least a hundred percent. This means that all the light produced by the fluorescent is utilized to light the necessary places with zero wastage. This is unlike some other lighting system which only provides a portion of their light for lighting.
The Fluorescent High Bay Lights are also designed in a manner that they are switched on instantly. This means that when the on switch is switched on, the lights goes on within no time and hence the user does not have to wait for moments before the lights can produce light. This is unlike HIDs which have five to seven minute re-strike time where the person switching on the light must wait for the time to elapse before the lights can produce light. As a result, high bay lights save time enabling people to use their warehouses and industries immediately they switch on the lights.
It is common for lights to loss some percentage of their light over time due to decrease in efficiency. But the magnitude in which the lights lose their power usually matters with the one losing less power being more ideal and economical. The high bay fluorescent lights just have seven percent light loss over their entire lifetime. This means that even if the particular light has been used for some times, it will still be able to provide at least ninety three percentage lighting. This is unlike the HIDs which have a forty percentage light loss in just the first year of its use. Hence the Florescent High Bay Lights are ideal for warehouses and industries that would like to have efficient lighting regardless of the age of the bulb.
The florescent lights are also cost efficient since they requires minimal maintenance. The only cost is buying and then it will provide a long life of service without requiring being maintained every now and then. The fact that it lasts for long while still performing as good as new eliminates the cost of buying a new fluorescent to replace the inefficient older ones. As a result, the warehouse or industry administrator does not have to worry about replacing or repairing the lighting system after short intervals. Besides saving on cost, it also enables the people working in the warehouse to be more productive since there are no moments of inefficient lighting. Hence, Fluorescent High Bay Lights are ideal for every warehouse and industry that needs to be efficient and operate effectively with adequate lighting.