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How Do High Bay Fluorescent Lights Give Your Business An Edge

In order to understand how high bay fluorescent lights give you a competitive edge, we need to understand the meaning of high bay lighting. High bay lights are usually used in industrial buildings like warehouses and factories. Usually, the ceiling is at good height from the floor in such buildings. Therefore, different factors need to be considered while installing fluorescent lights in such buildings. It is important that the fixtures cover a lot of area. Therefore, you will need bulbs which consume a lot of energy. Moreover, if you are not using high power bulbs, you will need to spend more on the number of fixtures. However, this does not happen when you install fluorescent high bay lights.

In this article, we will tell you how fluorescent high bay lights save a lot of energy and money. We will also try to explain how they are the best choice for industrial buildings and give your business a cutting edge.

Most of the industrial buildings are using HID or high intensity discharge lighting systems for years. Usually, they were used for high bay lighting as they were more cost effective and efficient than high bay fluorescent lights. Earlier, fluorescent high bay lights were only considered to be effective for low ceilings. However, advancements in technology have managed to ensure huge savings on fluorescent high bay lighting systems. Presently, a lot of industries are using fluorescent high bay lighting for their warehouses and factory buildings.

Efficiency of Fluorescent High Bay Lights

When we talk about savings, it is important to notice that Super T8 light systems run on electric ballasts. As a result, the light produced is more efficient and high quality. On the other hand, traditional T8 and T12 run on magnetic ballasts which results in low quality and less efficient lighting. Moreover, T5HO are much smaller and lighter than the T12 lamps. As a result, they are more efficient and provide greater control with a uniform light distribution system.

Savings from Fluorescent High Bay Lights

Fluorescent high bay lighting systems save 60 percent more energy than traditional HID systems. This is just one way in which fluorescent high bay lighting systems are energy efficient and result in energy cost savings. Moreover, fluorescent bulbs which can last for about 24000 hours mean lower maintenance costs and uninterrupted work. Moreover, fluorescent high bay lights also provide other advantages like uniform light levels, improved quality of color and improved productivity. This also reduces the number of light related accidents in industrial establishments.

Needless to say, high bay fluorescent lighting is much better than other sources of general lighting. Whether we talk about metal halides, none of them are as efficient as fluorescent high bay lighting systems. TH 50 fluorescent lights may not be as efficient as T8 Super fluorescent systems, but even they produce high light per lamp output. It is very important for a business to install efficient and energy saving lighting systems to ensure more productivity and efficiency which will help an organization to take a cutting edge.