High Bay Lighting and Areas Where They Can Be Used

High Bay Lighting and Areas Where They Can Be Used

Feb 06

Light has a very important role to play as far as visibility is concerned. There are different styles of lighting that are used in different areas depending on the output. So what is high-bay lighting? This is the type of lighting which is used in areas which happen to have ceilings which are quite high. Such lighting is meant to cater for surfaces which are up to 15 feet away. This type of lighting basically uses mercury but there several options that allow one to control the amount of mercury like the induction fluorescent and the high output T5s. The mercury content is one thing that you need to be concerned about because of the impact it has on health and the environment at large. This is basically why you need to go for high bay lighting options that allow you to use minimal amounts of mercury.
So where can this kind of lighting be considered as useful? Some of the areas that are likely to benefit from this kind of lighting include:

Airplane Hangars

As we all know, planes are known to be quite huge. They are stored in huge spaces and this means that the ceiling has to be quite high. Such lights will come in handy when lighting up such spaces and this makes it easy for the people who happen to clean up the planes or carry out maintenance since good visibility is essential during such times.

Large, Open-Style Assembly Plants-

There are some commercial establishments which are set up in open spaces. The lights here are meant to be bright to create a good environment for people to work with great visibility. High bay lights are the perfect fit for such conditions. Such places require a good amount of space because of the many people in such plants and this is one of the reasons as to why the ceilings are high up. This type of lighting can be used with different types of lighting to provide adequate lighting for such establishments.

Outdoor Areas

Many commercial establishments happen to have outdoor areas which also need to be well lit. The high bay lights will definitely help in ensuring that the employees have great visibility which makes the environment safe for them.

Converted Factory Facilities

If you happen to buy a building which may have been a factory, then you will notice that the ceilings are placed quite high from the floor. This allows air to circulate while also maintaining cool temperatures in the working environment. Such buildings also need to use lighting systems which are able to cover the whole establishment. Using high bay lights will definitely ensure that the workers are in a safe environment.
There are several advantages that are associated with using high bay lighting systems. They include:
– These lights provide a higher light output compared to other types of lighting systems.
– The lamps used to offer this type of lighting are able to last for a long time.
– The lights also switch on to full light output within a few seconds.
– They are able to maintain a high output over a long period.

These are just some of the areas that high bay lighting can be used and the reasons as to why it is preferred.