High Bay Lighting Fixtures

The proper way to select high bay lighting fixtures

When it comes to choosing high bay lighting fixtures there are quite a few things companies need to keep in mind, because eventually they will certainly want their warehouses to be very well lit, so the workers can do their jobs without any risks. Because of that, in the following paragraphs this article will detail on the topic of how to select high bay lighting fixtures properly.


One of the first things companies need to be aware of is their maintenance and operational budget. This will massively influence their choice, because going with a more energy efficient solution, they can save millions of dollars annually on electricity bills.

Color tone

This is very important and it can make a lot of difference regardless of where the lighting fixtures will be used. For instance, if the lights are to be used in a warehouse, they need to have a white tone, because proper and effective illumination is vital in such spaces. There are details that cannot be seen under different color tones (like blue or red), so that is why this is the most preferred tone by companies in general.

Online purchases

When a company decides it needs to purchase high bay lighting fixtures it will certainly want to go for the online store that has the best prices. Purchasing them from a regular store is just not a good idea, because due to maintenance cost, personnel, bills the store owner has to pay, the costs for the lighting solutions sold there will undoubtedly be higher. More to that, a bulk order from the internet will always carry some discounts and that is why this is such a great choice to consider by any company wishing to save as much money as possible on these purchases.

Warm up time

Some clients will definitely be interested in the warm-up time of their lighting solutions and in some situations, they can be really important. As an example, companies going for a fluorescent lighting solution will notice that turning the lights on, they will immediately start illuminating, but if they choose the HID lights, they’ll require up to 10 minutes to warm up and illuminate.

Lower Temperatures

A regular lighting solution is very well known to just waste plenty of energy in the form of heat. To offer an example in this regard, more than 90 percent of the energy incandescent light bulbs emit is wasted as heat. However, using high bay LED energy efficient solutions, they will just stay cool.

Fluorescent lighting solutions

These are certainly considered by companies that want to save a lot on electricity usage and because they can be up to 6 times more efficient than a regular light bulb, it’s only natural they’re the ones to be picked over the former. Most of the times these lights are used in warehouses, hangars and also on stadiums.
With that being said, every company that wants to ensure their lighting requirements are met without having to break the bank, will certainly need to consider the high bay lighting fixtures. They are affordable, can save a lot of money and waste very little energy!