Improve Your Profit Margins with Energy Efficient Lighting

Running a business requires a firm grasp on cash flow. You need to be sure your expenses never exceed you income. Over the last few years many companies have gone under due to cash flow problems caused by the changing economy.

At one time it was possible to get short-term financing to help you over the rough times. But banks have had to tighten their credit requirements. This usually means that when a company needs them most; banks are less likely to be able to help. This means that keeping a tight rein on your expenses is more important than ever. Lowering your costs is a direct way to increase your profit margin.

When attempting to reduce costs it’s easy to overlook things like lighting. If you’ve always use a particular type of lighting products then you may assume they are still the best. But that’s not always the case.

By switching to more cost effective energy efficient lighting sources it’s possible to reduce your expenses. This is not a short term savings. The cost savings will continue for many years to come.

If you’ve ever considered replacement lighting, you should check out all your options before you simply replace your lighting with the same type products you’re already using.

Industrial lighting is not a low cost item. It’s easy to want to shop for the cheapest replacements you can find. The problem is, this will cost you more in energy costs than it will save you. Looking at the long-term ramifications can keep you from making a costly mistake.

When searching for a lighting company you need to keep several things in mind before you make your purchase:

How long has the company been in business? You want to work with a business that has been around for several years and has built a solid reputation.

Ask if you can talk with past clients. By talking to other businesses that have purchased commercial lighting you can get a realistic idea of your future cost savings. There are, of course, many variables involved. But talking to past customers can give you at least an approximate idea if energy savings is really possible.

Make sure the company you’re working with is committed to using the most energy efficient lighting products available. Many claim to do so, but when you actually start questioning them about what they sell you’ll find they can’t offer any proof that their products are really energy efficient. Ask to see realistic numbers that show factual savings.

Some websites have calculators where you can get an estimate of your potential savings. You enter your information such as how many light fixtures you currently have, how many hours per day the lights are on, and the cost of electricity in your location. By simply entering this information these calculators can give you an approximate amount you can save by using energy efficient lighting.

If possible, visit the plants or facilities and see how the lighting works. Many people believe that energy efficient lighting produces less light. But the opposite can be true if you purchase the right quality of lighting.

Turning green with your lighting will not only help the environment; it will help your bottom line and increase your profits.


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