Industrial Affordable Lighting Fixtures for High End Visibility

Industrial Affordable Lighting Fixtures for High End Visibility

Apr 18

Industrial lighting fixtures are special equipment that allow for a much better lighting across various industrial sectors, including manufacturing units, packaging units and warehouses. Latest industrial lighting fixtures offer affordable lighting and heavy duty performance even in extreme climate and working conditions.


Industrial lighting fixtures not only ensure proper lighting in the working areas, but also help in enhancing the output within a short time. They also help in maintaining the worker safety in all types of industrial units. When all nook and corners of a unit are lighted properly, workers can easily avoid accidents, such as getting hurt from sharp tools, or accidental stepping on machines. There are many options in industrial affordable lighting, such as Fluorescent, LED and halogen lighting fixtures and magnification lights.

So, what are the characteristics of good fixtures that are used in the industries?
* The lighting fixtures should be equipped with protective covering to protect them from flying debris, chemicals and vibration.

* They should be able to perform for a very long time without any maintenance.
* They should operate efficiently in the temperature range of up to 50 C º (120 F º).
However, to get best results and affordable lighting, you should only buy the lights from the top brands that are known for manufacturing quality products.

LED industrial lighting

The latest LED industrial lighting fixtures offer you an unparalleled quality and service at affordable rates. These are solid state devices and offer solid state lighting. They have no moving parts, no UV, no fragile glass environment, no toxic gases, no mercury and no filament. So there is nothing that can break, shatter, rupture, contaminate or leak.
With a significant improvement in LED technology, it is now gaining widespread popularity in the lighting industry. Today more and more fixtures use LEDs as their lighting source. Let’s have a close look at the benefits of switching to LED industrial lighting.
* Energy saving- The initial efficiency of LED lights is above 100lm/w. in fact, they successfully maintain the efficiency at above 80lm/w. When compared to the HPS lamps, they can save about 40-70 percent energy. As compared to the halogen lamps, they can save about 80 percent energy. This can lead to huge savings and they can pay for themselves within a short time.
* Eco-friendly- LED industrial lighting fixtures do not contain any IR, UV, or mercury.
* More choice in colors- You have considerable choice of colors ranging from white, red, warm white, green or blue.
* Design flexibility-LEDs are much smaller than conventional lighting sources, allowing for different lighting designs as per the needs of the industry.
* Longer lifespan- LED affordable lighting fixtures can have a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours.
* There is absolutely no delay in the start.
Industries that handle hazardous materials have considerable risk of explosions. However, you can get specialized affordable lighting fixtures for such situations as well. They are termed as explosion proof lighting fixtures. Among the industries that make use of these lighting fixtures are marine industry, petroleum industry, food processing facilities, manufacturing sector, water treatment and desalination units. So, choose quality lighting fixtures to get best results now and forever.