Keep Operating Costs Low With Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

Keep Operating Costs Low With Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

May 06

Various companies and business establishments in various sectors of commerce and industry are faced with ever mounting demands for more eco-friendly and energy-saving business operations. On the other end inflationary economic climate means that business have increasing operating costs to shoulder every month. Businesses also need to keep pace with rapid growth of the demand of their products and services which implies need for more productivity while keeping a tight lid on operating costs. Lighting costs are some of huge overheads that businesses have to shoulder for their survival and the productive existence of their business thrusts.


Hibrite is well established lighting solutions company that produces cost-effective and energy saving lighting solutions for businesses. Hibrite has an eco-friendly lighting solutions manufacture thrust which powers the drive to produce industrial lights that use less energy while producing more light. The broad range of lighting products and solutions from Hibrite enables business owners to procure cost-effective lighting solutions. The energy efficient fluorescent lighting from Hibrite helps companies keep their operating overheads minimal.


HP8-6-6 florescent bulbs consume only 210 watts to output 84 wattage lighting while a 40 watt HID bulb will consume a whooping 460 watts to achieve its 40 wattage lighting. Benefits of the energy efficient fluorescent lighting from Hibrite go beyond the energy efficiency of the fluorescent bulbs. Hibrite lights have a longer life span and what is key is that unlike HID bulbs fluorescent lights from Hibrite maintain a consistent color in the course of their life span.


The bulbs and various lighting solutions from Hibrite come at cost-effective pricing while these will also help companies keep lighting costs low right through the existence of their businesses. The highly energy efficient fluorescent bulbs from Hibrite have instant-on and no re-strike features which enable the use of the bulbs in occupancy sensor lighting systems. With such lighting products businesses have a lot of options when it comes to installing lighting systems that will keep the lighting overheads low in their collective business operations thrusts. Occupancy sensor systems are highly energy-economic in that lights are only turned on only when there is someone in the room which means that there will be no energy wasted on unneeded lighting.


What adds to the high favorability of the energy efficient fluorescent bulbs from Hibrite is that the lighting units are totally maintenance free. Hibrite provides a wide variety of lighting solutions which includes highly customizable lighting essentials. The two to six T8 lamps facilitate the usability of Hibrite lights in different lighting applications at different heights. Hibrite can be customized through the use of different utilities and accessories that purchasers can use to set up lighting systems that meet their custom needs.


Hibrite lighting systems are produced from a low carbon emissions footprint thrust. The lights are optimized for high energy saving performance and easy installation as well as durability. These are just a few of the many benefits that companies can reap by procuring Hibrite florescent bulbs for their factories, warehouses, offices and various industrial lighting needs.