Lessen Energy Consumption through High Bay Fluorescent Lighting

Business spaces that have fine lighting look more professional. However, energy consumption is one of the most critical aspects in lighting huge industrial spaces. That is why industrial companies are using high bay fluorescent lighting, and they are positioned in a ceiling elevation of 35 feet or more. They are using lighting products from companies that help them lessen their energy consumption.


HiBrite Lighting

HiBrite Lighting is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to high bay fluorescent lighting. The company is innovative, and their products are proven effective and energy efficient. Their electrical reduction merchandises met the high requirements demanded by the trade and industry.

Benefits of Using HiBrite Lighting


Industrial companies that use HiBrite products have an increase level of usable light by 100 percent. There is a less than 7 percent light loss in a bulb’s lifetime. The lamp life is from 36,000-38,000 hours. There are also no re-strike periods compared to 5 to 7 minutes re-strike from HIDs.
Because of appropriate and functional lighting, the workers in an industrial company can work more productively. It also creates a safer working environment. And because people can save time working, labor expenses is reduced. There is no maintenance expenses too, so companies that use high bay fluorescent from HiBrite Lighting get the worth of their investments.

More Benefits of Using HiBrite Lighting Products

They are ideal with occupancy sensors. Power is immediately restored after a power interruption, so it is such a convenience. Their products can handle any emergency lighting needs through HiBrite luminaire, and there is no need for another lighting system. Fluorescent lamps from the company have constant color through their lifetime. There is a lesser chance of getting damages from material handling as well.

More about HiBrite Lighting

The company is an Enercon International, Inc. subsidiary. They are one of the best companies that help in energy conservation. Their products are in the forefront of the high bay fluorescent lighting market. They never fail to deliver quality light, and they never fall short in making customers satisfied.
Some of the prominent clients of HiBrite Lighting are Coca Cola, Tower Extrusions, GPK Products, Dickinson Air Service, Billion Automotive Family, Weyerhaeuser, GlaxoSmithKline, and Midwest Motor Express.
HiBrite has merchandises that fall into the category of commercial lighting, energy efficient lighting, industrial lighting, lighting business opportunity, T5 lighting, and T8 lighting.
People must try the high bay fluorescent products from the company because they can save money by cutting their electric bill by more than a half. HiBrite has an exclusive 95 percent reflective surface and it is one of the reasons why they are great in helping companies lessen their energy expenditure.
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Improvement in the outputs of a company’s workforce is certain if the lighting is apropos. Try products from HiBrite because they have a great track record in helping global companies. Huge companies trust them and it says a lot about reputation and reliability. Experience the best industrial lighting like you never did before.