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The Most Reliable and Efficient Lighting Systems on the Market

Finding efficient and cost-effective solutions for industrial lighting systems is increasingly a difficult task. Many companies advertise ambitious cost-saving technology, but fail to deliver on these premises. HiBrite Lighting offers innovative electrical reduction products with a proven delivery method on diminished consumption of energy in any commercial or industrial establishment.

HiBrite Lighting has consistently proven cost-saving lighting systems solutions for countless businesses, and strives to continue this on a company shared value. This value is the constant search and attainment of excellence in preeminent cutting edge technology with a forward outlook, reinforced through a versatile management team with experience in a number of fields.

As a business owner looking to reduce operating costs and attain better margins, our professionals from the engineers up to the management acknowledge your concerns. In today’s competitive environment, company’s need to reduce costs where they can without cutting corners. At HiBrite Lighting we don’t exchange quality for price, but we combine the two through reliable and innovative lighting systems technology.
This leading edge in lighting systems results from HiBrite’s energy efficient fluorescent lighting:

· Over 100% in usable light levels for better coverage and efficient greener use
· Instant on function versus 5+ minutes for HIDs
· Extended lifetime in the range of 36,000-38,000 hours utilizing the Miro4 reflector technology
· HIDs lose over 40% of their light output in a year, while our lighting systems lose under 7%
· Better illumination for increased productivity and safer work environments
· Reduced labor costs as a result of color rendering index 85+ versus 65 for HIDs
· No maintenance costs associated with products

If you are still skeptical about how the points listed above can benefit your business, than you may want to visit HiBrite Lighting to use our savings calculator. This function allows you to get an estimate on how much money you can expect to save for your company when you decide to switch over to HiBrite’s lighting systems. For a more detailed analysis, feel free to call a company representative, numbers are available on HiBrite’s website, to get a more detailed and tailored response to any concerns you may have.
For direct comparisons, you may also want to visit our website to see pictures from before and after installations. Additionally, reading client testimonials is a great way to get a first impression on how the experience was for clients from start to finish.

We are proud to say that our lighting systems have resulted into cost savings of up to 75% for a number of businesses in a variety of industries. If you are the owner of a large wholesale distributor plant, and have a room to cover then you will find it absolutely to your advantage to look into HP8-6-6 lamps. On the other hand if you operate a smaller plant then we can offer better suits solutions with our HF8-2 lamp open fixtures. At HiBrite we like to make our lighting system recommendations are relevant to the type of business you operate for maximized cost saving.
Hibrite lighting systems offer solutions for commercial and industrial businesses seeking the best in every part of their organization. Give us a call today, and share in with our collective values of excellence and innovation to help get your business on the leanest side of low energy consuming lighting systems.