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Estimated Savings Calculator Results

The following results were generated from the estimated savings calculator at the Hibrite Lighting Web site:

Total Information Calculated:

Total Kilowatts Saved: 0 kilowatts
Total Annual Estimated Savings:


A Note About Wattages:

The "indicated" power consumption of your HID or flourescent bulbs is not the actual amount of power they consume. These lights suffer from what's called "Ballast Factor."

Ballast Factor is the amount of power drained by the ballast — the electronics within the light fixture. This ranges from 8 to 20 percent. This means that a 2 x 110 watt flourescent fixture really consumes 264 watts and a 1,000 watt HID really consumes 1,150 watts.

This calculator's estimated savings are calculated using the actual power consumption of the fixture, after adding the ballast factor in.