Starting a Business that Saves other Businesses Money

Starting a Business that Saves other Businesses Money

Making a living in the current economy is not an easy task. Many people are cutting back on luxury and extra expenditures. This means if you’re going to run a business you need to offer something that everyone needs.

You have two options when your start a business. You can sell to retail consumers or to businesses. The business to business option has fewer potential customers, but a far greater return for each customer. A company needs to continually invest in their business to keep it running at its highest productivity.

Every company wants to maximize its profits. This is done in two ways. But adding more customers and by cutting costs. If you run a company that helps other businesses cut costs you are offering a valuable service.

One thing that almost any business needs is good lighting. This is true of a retail store, a factory, an auto dealership, and any other business. Have you ever walked into a store with bad lighting? What’s your first reaction? It not only feels shoddy by can hamper the productivity of employees.

Becoming a representative of an energy efficient lighting company can help you fast track to a profitable business. You’ll be offering something that every commercial and industrial business needs.

Plus, by offering energy efficient fluorescent lighting you can save businesses substantial savings on their energy bills. This is not short term savings. You can show them how this investment will save them money for many years to come. A savings in cost is a direct addition to their profit margin.

But before you apply to become an affiliate for any company you want to ask a few questions.

Find out how long the company has been in business. Make sure they have a proven track record of satisfied customers.

Ask if they have a marketing system in place for affiliates. Even if you’re selling a top notch product you won’t be able to make sales without a good marketing plan. Find out what their marketing system includes and ask how profitable other affiliates have been using the system.

Learn everything you can about the lighting products you’re going to sale. There are many types of products available; but you can’t build a business selling shoddy products. Some companies claim their commercial and industrial lighting products are energy efficient but when you do some research, you find this is not really the case. Make sure the savings can be documented. You’ll need this information when you start selling the equipment to companies.

Ask to see actual specifications of each product.

You’ll need to understand how the lighting is housed and what materials are used for the housing, the sockets, the mounting,  and the hardware.

What kind of reflectors are used and why.

Study their product line until you understand exactly what they sell. This is only way you’ll know that you’ll be able to beat the competition. If you’re trying to push bad products you won’t achieve any long-term success.

Once you’re completely satisfied with the product line; you can apply to be an affiliate or representative for that company.

Selling products to businesses is much easier when you can prove the product will save them money.