T8 Lighting

The Valuable Advantages of T8 Lighting

Ever since its inception in 1981 in the United States, the T8 lighting has gained popularity and slowly becoming a standard form of lighting both in the industrial and warehouse lighting. Highly energy efficient, the 1 inch diameter slim bulb has the capacity of a greater light output producing around 2600 Lumens and covering larger areas. Also, the intensity and brightness losing percentage is less, making the T8 lamps effective for all commercial purposes.


T8 lamps are usually 32W lamps with a barrier coat design and have a long service life. They utilize electronic ballasts to start instantly and silently without any flickering or noise. They also have excellent color rending around 95 and last from anything between 20,000 to 30,000 hours. The energy consumption is very less while the efficiency is higher.


Long Lasting

A T8 32-watt bulb emits up to a bountiful 95 Lumens for every watt of power utilized. After emitting 10,000 hours of light, the bulbs still continue to emit 95% of the light to give high light output and last up to 20,000 to 30,000 hours. T8 bulbs lose only 6% of their Lumen yield during the initial 40 percent of their charged lives. These are highly durable and one of the longest lasting bulbs in the lighting market required for commercial purposes.

Quiet and Cool

The overall lower optimum operating temperatures increase the ballast life and lowers air conditioning cost. In many cases, operating at lower temperatures starting down to 0°F is feasible without any expensive cold weather ballasts. Therefore, making the lighting quiet, cool and very tranquil.

Flicker-Free Operation

The electronic blasts in the T8 bulbs runs around 20 kilohertz, which is too fast for a human eye to detect. Therefore, the T8 fixtures do not flicker and do not cause any eye strain but helps them in better concentration and endows relaxation. Also, being very silent, the T8 lighting emitted from the T8 lamps are noiseless and quiet.

True Color

The color emitted by the T8 lamps look brighter, accurate and true. Since, they come in a broad range of temperatures that can arouse, both heavy and soft lights, they make images appear sharper and colors look more natural. They have a high color index rating (anything between 75 to 95 plus) that measures color with respect to the sunlight (100%)

Highly Energy Efficient

T8 fixtures can save a whopping 40% in annual energy cost to the business. It is also affordable and less costly than any other available fixtures. It is the workhorse of the industry as being smaller in diameter, it requires only a small amount of mercury vapor and phosphor to produce the same amount of light as produced by higher diameter bulbs.

Highly durable, sustainable along with super energy and greater efficiency, T8 lighting is one of the most optimum lighting for commercial purposes of any business. What’s more, it is also less expensive, less fragile and is easily accessible in numerous lengths, color renditions and color temperatures. They are not only business friendly but also environmentally friendly. If you are looking for energy efficient lighting alternatives, T8 lights are the best way to minimize your overheads and maximize your profits!