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Commercial Lighting – Save with fluorescent lighting

As a business owner, choosing the right commercial lighting is very important. Not only so you will have sufficient lighting and brightness in your stores and warehouses, but also to ensure you are paying the lowest operational cost on a monthly basis, for the lighting. When choosing commercial lighting, HiBrite Lighting has the best in […]

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Commercial Lighting

Apr 16

It doesn’t matter if you own a small, mom-and-pop corner store or if you are running a large-scale manufacturing plant, commercial lighting is an important part of your daily life. For a retail establishment proper lighting can help attract customers and can also help you sell more products. For industrial applications, quality commercial lighting can […]

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A T-5 Lighting Primer

Apr 04

“T-5” refers to a fluorescent lamp, tube or bulb with a diameter of 5/8 inches (its metric equivalent is T-16, 15.875 mm) that is typically manufactured for very small fixtures. First introduced around 1950, it originally was available in 4 – 13 wattages. More recently high efficiency (HE) ranges of 14 – 35 watts and […]

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