The Efficiency of T8 Lighting

The Efficiency of T8 Lighting

Nov 10

In a global market becoming increasingly focused on maximum energy efficiency, buisnesses have had to adjust power outputs and power usage levels in their products. From generators at a commercial level to solar panels for the consumer. Here at HiBrite we have not only met that challenge, but have adapted our lighting technology in a way that has literally outshined the competition. Specifically, our T8 lamp has evolved into an energy-efficient lamp that is ecologically considerate, cost-effective, as well as manufactured with a unique design, minimizing weight and adding durability, making it a rather hot product in our line of industrial lighting.

Benefits and Features

The T8 lighting experience provides superior illumination by utilizing a miro-4 reflective surface, placed inside of the bulb, that acts as a mirror that refracts all light into one direction. This maximizes light emission and creates a light reflection of 95%. This makes T8 lighting an ideal solution for warehouse and other industrial needs, covering a wide range of area space and providing lightweight fixture encasement. The life of the T8 can reach an upward slope of 36,000 hours. This equates to four years in service for you and your buisness, dramatically cutting costs in annual fixture repairs.
The T8 lamp can withstand extreme temperature conditions and is equipped with innovative technology that adapts its internal state to accomodate to the demands its environment places on it. This is accomplished through a combination of GE’s Ultra Cool technology that monitors and maintains bulb temperature in warm environments, as well as integrated ventilation that allows for accumulated heat release and fixture cooling. Specifically, T8 lighting temperatures are ten times lower that that of previous HIDs, operating at a 100-120 degrees, in contrast to the 1000-1200 degree operating temperature of the HID, which extends lamp life and cuts energy consumption.

Keeping You in Mind

Under extreme temperature regions that require lighting, like freezers, refridgerated storage containers, and likewise, installation can pose to be a serious challenge, and can be potentially dangerous. T8 lighting fixtures minimize this risk through state of the art design and use of lightweight materials. The totality of a four foot long fixture with ballasts and six lamps included weighs less than fifteen pounds, making installation safe, easy, and efficient. An addition, further safety measures are implemented through the inclusion of BiPin Instant Start sockets, which allow for the lamps to be secured by means of fastening, removing the possibility of slip related injury or damage.

The Point Is…

T8 lighting is an ideal selection to meet all of your industrial and commercial needs. Fixtures are conveniently capable of being hung anywhere from ten feet from the ground to eighty feet, and are guaranteed to light up even the most extreme temperatures. Color options are available, as well as a variety of design options and types. As with all our lighting products, T8 lighting lamps are certified and pass all tests including the TCLP. When it comes to keeping up with the latest technology, and getting the most for your budget, T8 lighting is a necessity and a promise of quality.