Things to Consider Before Installing High Bay Fixtures

Hibrite has for long deliver innovative, full facility, electrical reduction products on the market in order to meet the growing demands for efficient consumptions of energy for industry and commerce. Generally, lighting in buildings or places which have very high ceiling such as the ware house is provided by the light bay fixtures. They may also be found in other places such as garages, gym storage facilities just to mention a few.
It has been-discovered by experts that various makes of high-bay light fixtures can- have more definite impact on their appearance and their functionality around the area where they are installed. Therefore, before making your choice of high light fixtures, a person need to look at the kind of lighting that will be suitable for the building and also the operation and maintenance costs.
It’s also important to consider various designs available for each fixture. High-bay lighting fixtures mainly come in pendant and linear forms. Here, the difference between the two is that pendants fixtures normally take-up more space compared to linear fixtures. Hence, they need-to-be installed in a ceiling that is-higher-in height than the-linear fixture do since they are thicker. Therefore, it’s important to know the type of high-bay light fixture that you require for your business.
Another thing which a person should consider is that there-are some light bay fixtures which are heavy and they may need extra support. Hence, in order to know which fixture will suit your needs, it’s important to the make comparison between your-present ceiling configurations and also the installation needs for each light. Here, the important things which a person should know is that traditional high-bay fixtures make the use of high intensity discharge technology while the modern ones use fluorescents bulbs. Also, ensure that there -is -no problem with-the warm factor at the area where they will be installed since, when high intensity discharge lights gets switched on, they will take around ten minutes for them to warm & provide light.
High intensity discharge lights can provide quality light over bigger distance and they are suitable for places which have high-ceilings. Hence, a person only needs to choose the design that will be suitable for his or her working area. Wire gauge can be used to protect high bay lights. A lens may be also used or sometimes they may be left-unprotected. However, always keep in-mind that protected lights-are-kept safer especially if your working area have equipment which comes closer to them therefore increasing the chance of hitting them. On the hand, unprotected light, are much affordable and they have higher degree-of-lighting hence they are usually the best for places where there are no equipment which can hit them or a place where no person can get closer to them.
Hence, it’s important to know different kind of lighting which you want and also available space where the lights will be set-up to ensure that everything goes-according to the required safety regulations. The last thing which you may want is your high bay lighting to crash down. Therefore, visit our website for more important information.