Types of Commercial Lighting and The Way They Brighten Our Lives

Types of Commercial Lighting and The Way They Brighten Our Lives

Jan 25

Lights have an important role to play in our day to day lives. Indeed we cannot move from one point to another or even do our work if we are not in a position to see where we are going. That is one important role the lights have to play. They also help in lighting up special occasions and there are times when they are source of security. One of the types of lighting out there is commercial lighting. This is basically the type of lighting which is used on commercial establishments like stores, hospitals and offices. This basically includes the type of lighting that is not used for residential areas. As far as this type of lighting is concerned, there are different types of light out there and they have all been created to serve different purposes. They include:

Incandescent Lights

These types of lights are basically among
the oldest forms of lighting which was meant to serve a commercial purpose. This is the type of lighting which is used as desk lights and recessed lights in offices or small commercial establishments. The good thing about such lights is that they have the ability to produce light that is as bright as the sun and this makes them a favorite for people working in places that may not have access to light through windows because of positioning.


Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are considered to be among the most commonly used commercial lighting option for most commercial establishment. They are found hanging on the ceilings of most of the commercial centers. They are available in different sizes as well as different types of lenses depending on what an individual needs. The best thing about this type of lighting is that it is one of the most energy efficient ones on the market. A standard fluorescent light is made up of around one to four bulbs.

Halogen Lights

These are the types of light that are most commonly used as security lights or flood lights when looking to light up sports arenas or stadiums. They are preferred because of their ability to produce huge bright light to cover large venues. They can also be used to light up night spots or retail stores when the smaller bulbs are used. They also have great efficiency when it comes to energy consumption.

Metal Halides

This is also referred in some circles as high intensity discharge lighting. It is commonly used in warehouses or industrial settings where the ceiling is quite high. It is mostly made up of a suspended pendant hanging from a ceiling which has a number of bulbs attached. The bulbs are available at different sizes and lens types which are all meant to cater for the different lighting needs of the clients. They are good for lighting up large spaces and the newer low pressure sodium versions are known to be quite good when it comes to the way they consume energy.

The importance of light cannot be underestimated especially when it comes to commercial establishments. This is basically why there are different types of commercial lighting options available for the different types of clients.