Warehouse Lighting – Energy Efficiency & Ideal Lighting for the Space

Warehouse Lighting – Energy Efficiency & Ideal Lighting for the Space

May 22

When purchasing warehouse lighting, it is important for business owners to find the most efficient products, the best and brightest lighting, and the most economical product options, in order to reduce operational costs, yet still have sufficient lighting, in order to work and fully operate in the warehouse setting. With energy efficient lighting provided by HiBrite Lighting, this is just what customers are going to receive. There are many styles of warehouse lighting to choose from, and depending on the settings, the size of the warehouse, and the operations that take place in the space, each business owner is going to choose something different when they are ready to buy the lights for the warehouse.


The benefits of HiBrite Lighting –

When you turn to the best manufacturer, and when you choose the right lighting for your warehouse, business owners will realize several benefits by choosing the right lighting for business and operational use; some of the benefits for warehouses and businesses include:
– An increase in the usable life of the light bulbs by at least 100%.
– The lights will instantly turn on, there is no re-strike time, as opposed to waiting around 5 to 7 minutes with HID lights in the warehouse.
– Less than 7% loss in lighting, as opposed to around 40% light loss when you are using HID lights in the warehouse.
– Businesses will receive anywhere from 36K to around 38K useful hours per lamp that is purchased from HiBrite Lighting.
– With brighter lights, you can improve productivity in the work space, and it is going to be safer since employees can move freely and easily because of improved visibility in the workplace.
– A reduction in operational costs, since you do not have to replace the bulbs as often because HiBrite Lighting bulbs last for years; and,
– With very few labor costs (if any), the efficient lighting will pay for itself in only a few months of use, yet they are going to give you far more time after that, meaning businesses will notice a great reduction in operational costs in the warehouses.



Brighter work space –

With the white light at 85+ CRI, in comparison to only around 65 with other lights, the warehouse space is much brighter, and makes working conditions easier for employees. With clearer visibility, employees are going to be able to get the job done quickly, and the lights are going to help reduce workplace accidents, due to the fact that employees can see what they are doing, and where they are going, at all times when they are at work.

With the proper warehouse lighting in place, not only are businesses going to save on the price of lighting and electric costs, businesses are also going to make the workplace much safer for employees in the space. So, as a business owner, if you want to save on operational costs, and if you want to make a safer space for employees, and more business production, the use of HiBrite Lighting, energy efficient lighting, is the ideal option for you to consider for your business.