What is the Most Efficient Lighting?

What is the Most Efficient Lighting?

In today’s economy, companies are doing everything they can to reduce costs. This includes cutting down on energy bills whenever possible.

One of the best ways a business can conserve on their electric bills is by rethinking the type of lighting they are using. If you’ve been using the same lighting products for several years then it’s probably time to think about updating. There are new products available that work better at lower costs.

For instance, a HP8-6 lamp consumes 210 watts of energy. A comparable 400 watt HID consumes 460 watts of energy. That’s less than half the amount of energy. Can you imagine how that could lower your electric bill?

But not all energy efficient fluorescent lighting is created equal. Some companies claim they sell efficient lighting but they aren’t able to give you any exact numbers or specifications. Always ask to see the proof behind their claims.

You also have to consider what is the best lighting for your particular business. Commercial lighting needs vary from factory, to retail outlets, to auto dealerships, warehouses, and may other types of industries. When you purchase lighting you need to know that the company you work with has experience in installing lighting for many types of business situations. Warehouses may need high bay lighting or lights that are housed close to the ceiling. Office may need lower lights with less glare.

T8 lighting and T5 lighting are a popular choice in energy efficient lighting because they can be used in many different configurations. This makes them perfect for any type of industry setting. Another important factor is this type of lighting doesn’t get dimmer after use. It stays at full brightness throughout the life of the bulb.

Don’t forget to ask about emergency lighting solutions. Some lighting can be used as both without having to install completely separate systems.

It’s important to ask about restrike time, as well. Many types of fluorescent lighting requires several seconds to restart after a power outage. But some new types of lighting restart immediately.

The amount of maintenance required should also be considered. Many new lighting products are virtually maintenance free. This can save you time as well as money.

How can you know for sure if new lighting will produce the results you’re looking for? The best way is to see for yourself. Visit other warehouses or factories that have upgraded their lighting and see what a difference it can make. Look at the before and after pictures that show the real story.

Also, try to talk to past customers of the lighting company  you’re considering and find out how their energy bills have changed since they had replacement lighting installed.

By choosing your replacement lighting carefully, you may be able to recoup much of your investment in future energy savings.

When you’re looking for the most energy efficient lighting you need to see proof, not sales hype. By doing your research and asking the right questions you can be sure you’re getting the energy efficient lighting that your business needs. You want a reliable company that has provided viable options to their past customers.