What You Must Consider Before Buying Lighting for Your Business

What You Must Consider Before Buying Lighting for Your Business

There will come a time in your business when you must consider replacement lighting. This could be for several reasons.

First, your lighting is simply not producing enough light for your building. Low lighting can impact the appearance of your business and the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Second, you may be struggling with high energy costs. Newer, more energy efficient lighting uses much less power than older lighting.

Third, you may have changed or added on to your building and your existing lighting just isn’t working for you anymore.

Fourth, the maintenance of your old lighting may be costing you a lot of time and money.

These are all good reasons for looking into changing your current lighting. But there are several important factors you should think about before purchasing new commercial lighting.

Does the company offer a variety of options and sizes? Industrial lighting varies from one factory or business to the next. You may need high bay lighting or shallow depth lighting. Make sure the company you choose has the product line and experience to deal with your particular needs.

Is the lighting truly energy efficient? Many companies claim this about their lighting. But ask to see exact figures of how many watts of power their luminaries use in comparison to other types of lighting. They should be able to give you detailed specifications for all their products.

How long have they been in business? Never work with a company that doesn’t have years of reliable experience behind them.

Will they provide references from past customer? Ask if you can talk to their previous customers. If possible, ask to visit some of the buildings where they’ve installed lighting. Seeing the product being used in industrial and commercial settings can be very beneficial in making your final decision.

Compare long-term costs as well as initial costs. You can usually find a company that’s willing to offer products at a low price. The problem is, they’re often selling your shoddy products or they may be trying to unload some older products that use a lot of energy. You may save money in the beginning, but it will cost you more in the long run. Always factor in your future energy savings when you purchase replacement lighting.

Ask about the require maintenance. Some lighting is almost maintenance free. Other types require changing bulbs often and replacing housing or brackets if they’re not made of long lasting materials.

Find out about their installation process. How long will it take and how experienced are their workers.

When it’s time to find replacement lighting for your company you want to know you’re making the right choice. This investment that will last you for many years if you choose wisely and work with a company that provides you with high-quality products.

By choosing energy efficient fluorescent lighting you may even be able pay for the costs with your future energy savings.

Choosing the right lighting company doesn’t have to be hard; if you know what to look for in advance.