When Selecting Replacement Lighting, Go with Energy Efficient HiBrite Lights

When Selecting Replacement Lighting, Go with Energy Efficient HiBrite Lights

Dec 05

Workplace safety is very important. Especially in warehouses, where lighting is usually dim. Purchasing the most energy efficient lighting, and lighting that provides the most white light brilliance, will increase safety, and will make working conditions much better for employees when they are on the clock. As a business owner, when you are purchasing replacement lighting for a warehouse or for an industrial setting, it is important to find the best lighting, the most efficient products to save on electric costs, and the lights that provide the best white light background drop, so that your workers can see exactly what they are doing, and all machinery and equipment they are working with, during the business day.


Energy efficiency –

With HiBrite Lighting as your choice for replacement lighting, business owners are going to notice immediate reduction in operational costs. Not only do the high efficient lights provide increased usability per bulb, with at least 100% more life than traditional bulbs, but they are also going to require less electricity to provide, a far brighter white light than what traditional bulbs are going to provide you with in the workplace. With instant on features, the HiBrite Lighting, and the lights the company sells, are going to kick in right away, in comparison to HID lights taking anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes to crank on; this means you are running on the brightest lights right away, rather than waiting this amount of time, while still running the same amount of electric power, to operate in the workplace.


Lifetime & visibility –

With HiBrite Lighting industrial bulbs, when put to use you can expect anywhere from 36,000 up to 38,000 hours of usable life; this means you are very rarely going to have to buy replacement lighting, once you switch to this high production model of warehouse lighting. In addition to longer hours, and more productive use with the bulbs, businesses are also going to find that the very low percentage of light loss (only around 7% annually), means the light is not going to start to go dull or dim after only a few months or one year of use; in comparison to HID lights that lose around 40% annually, the workplace will still be bright and safe, even after years of use, and several hours of productive use, with replacement lighting from HiBrite Lighting.


In addition to the cost savings, “eco-friendly, green” lighting, and reduced electrical costs, business owners are also going to experience far fewer work related injuries, due to the fact that the warehouse or industrial space is much brighter, employees can see what they are doing at all times, and the bright light provides more than enough lighting for them to complete any job they are doing in the space. So, not only are these replacement bulbs going to offer a great deal of operational savings to the business, they are also going to provide a much brighter, and safer workplace, meaning employees are safe, and on the job accidents are going to be greatly reduced because of this feature.