Why HiBrite

Now you can replace your old out-dated fixtures one-for-one with the HiBrite HF8-6 and improve your light levels with half the energy.

Other benefits include

Instant On: Ideal for use with occupancy sensors. Nothing saves energy like lights out! In the event of a power interruption, lights are back on the instant the power is restored.

Emergency Lighting: Handle all emergency lighting needs with the HiBrite luminaire, eliminating the need for a secondary lighting system.

White Light: 85+ CRI versus metal halide’s 65 with minimal color shift. Unlike HID, fluorescent lamps maintain consistent color throughout their life.

Shallow Fixture Depth: Depth of less than 4″ allows fixture to be mounted near the ceiling for maximum space utilization and reduces damage incurred from material handling equipment.

Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free.

Two to six lamp T8 and four lamp T5 allows HiBrite to be used in many different applications at a variety of heights. Customize the HiBrite using the wide variety of options and accessories to perfectly fit your specific needs. Quick and easy installation, superior optical performance and many years of trouble free operation are a few of the many benefits of the HiBrite Industrial light.

Contact Us and see how HiBrite Industrial HighBay lighting can save you energy and improve your lighting.


HiBrite Lights provide more light with less power usage. Use our savings calculator to find out how much you’ll save by switching to HiBrite Lighting and lowering your power usage.

Case Study: Rude Transportation

Here are actual photos of Rude Transportation’s storage and loading facility in Sioux Falls, SD with standard incandescent lighting and again with HiBrite’s high-efficiency lighting system installed.