Why your business must invest in energy-saving industrial lights

Hibrite is a blossoming energy conserving lighting solutions entity. The company delivers high end innovative industrial lights and lighting solutions aimed at meeting the ever growing demands for economical energy consumption industrial lights in industry and commerce.
Hibrite industrial lights innovation has the incredible capacity of enhancing usable light levels by up to 100%. Unlike HIDs that have a light loss of 40 percent in their first year Hibrite lights have less than 7 percent of light loss over the lifespan of the Hibrite industrial bulbs and lights. The lifespan of the bulbs is enhanced by the Miro4 reflector and the reflective surface with a reflective capacity of up to 95 percent. Hibrite Bulbs have lamp life that ranges from 36 000 to 38 000 hours.
Unlike the HIDs bulbs that have a 5-7 minute re-strike Hibrite lights have a handy instant-on and no re-strike time features. Hibrite industrial lights are created with an acute energy saving orientation hence the industrial lights are optimized for increasing productivity while saving energy and creating a safer working environment. Hibrite lights have been found to drastically keep labor costs low thanks to their high color rendering index that goes up to over 85. The power of HIDs which have a color rendering index of 65 pales in comparison.
Keeping overhead costs as low as possible is the objective of every company. Without effective ways of keeping operating costs low the business will yield mediocre results or even fail to break even in worse case scenarios. Hibrite industrial lighting products and solutions are invented with such a dynamic in mind. Besides producing eco-friendly lighting products that comply with the resonating cry for the production and use of environmental friendly industrial lighting Hibrite lighting products are optimized for productivity and for keeping the lighting cost of firms minimal.
Fluorescent bulbs are the mainstay of the Hibrite lighting solutions. These types of bulbs are popular for being economic owing their mechanism and structure. The good bargain with fluorescent lighting offered by Hibrite is in that businesses will spend less when they opt for Hibrite florescent lighting products. Businesses will also save on what they spend on lighting overheads and this will yield meaningful outcomes in the long run.
Hibrite industrial lights and other lighting solutions are powered by incredible lighting innovation which doubles the brightness of industrial lights while consuming half the energy required for achieving target brightness levels. HP8-6-6 Hypocrite bulbs can produce 84 watts of lighting from 210 watts while on the other end a 40 watt HID bulb requires 460 watts to produce 40.6 wattage lighting.
With the Hibrite fluorescent bulbs that come with an instant-on feature businesses can use these lighting products for installing occupancy sensor lighting systems. Occupancy sensors are a great way of saving energy and keeping lighting costs low as lighting is only triggered when there is someone in the particular room. Hibrite lighting innovations also enable emergency lighting to be set up without any secondary lighting systems. With Hibrite luminaire companies can have energy lighting systems set up for their offices, warehouses and factories at very cost effective rates.